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Your first day at TriCAT

Hello – we’ll be starting soon – we’re so excited that you will join us!

Onboarding Plan

A few days before your start, you will receive a detailed onboarding plan by email from your team leader or your mentor. This contains all the contact persons you will have to deal with in the first few days. Your first days are scheduled – so you won’t have to stand in line or feel unwanted at any time during your on-site onboarding 😉

Everyone involved is informed about the respective dates with you and is already excited to finally meet you!

Fixed components of your on-site onboarding will be: Welcome by the management, introduction to HR topics, handover of hardware, explanation of data protection, handover of the access card, getting to know various departments and colleagues. You will also receive training in the TriCAT spaces® program.

Please bring

  • Tax identification number
  • Social security number
  • Bank details

Dress code

Elegant, casual or relaxed – take your pick. We are curious about you and not about what you are wearing 😉

Feedback questionnaire

Your opinion is important to us! When the onsite onboarding is over, please fill out the onboarding feedback form. Here you find a Sneak Peek.

Jour Fixe

At the Jour Fixe you can meet all your colleagues online at the TriCAT spaces® Homebase – every Monday from 2:30 – 3:15 pm.

Your TriCAT benefit program

Once you have your TriCAT email address, you are eligible to participate in the TriCAT Advantage Program.

Parzival (Parci – the Maltese)

Upon entering the TriCAT office on the second floor, Parci will greet you enthusiastically! If you have any concerns, or just don’t like dogs, please let Katharina know in advance – without hesitation – and we will make appropriate arrangements. By the way, Maltese do not shed or lose fur. Therefore they are classified as harmless for allergy sufferers.

Only for employees of TriCAT GmbH and exclusively for internal purposes.

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