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Working hours, Breaks, Overtime regulation

Core Working Time

Monday till Friday, 10 am – 4 pm


The break regulations are prescribed by law. Please comply with it – even if you book the breaks yourself via TimeMoto.

Legal regulation of rest breaks and rest time:

§ 4 ArbZG

Work shall be interrupted by pre-established rest breaks of at least 30 minutes if the working time exceeds six to nine hours and 45 minutes if the working time exceeds nine hours in total. The rest breaks in accordance with sentence 1 may be divided into periods of at least 15 minutes each. Employees may not be employed for longer than six consecutive hours without a rest break.

§5 ArbZG

Employees must have an uninterrupted rest period of at least eleven hours after the end of the daily working time

Overtime regulation

The working hours should be in line with your contractually agreed working hours. If you would like to work a little more, leave a little earlier or start a little later, you are welcome to do so within the framework of the core working hours. The resulting overtime or minus hours should then be compensated as soon as possible. If there are several overtime hours due to upcoming deadlines and these cannot be compensated promptly, you should clarify this with your team leader.

Legal regulation overtime:

§ 3 ArbZG
The working day of employees may not exceed eight hours. It may be extended to up to ten hours only if an average of eight hours per working day is not exceeded within six calendar months or within 24 weeks.

Overtime compensation during core working hours

To compensate for overtime worked in the form of half or full days during core working hours, please consult your team leader in advance and inform Marion Maly by sending a short email to She will then make the entry in TimeMoto.

Overtime compensation outside core working hours

If the overtime compensation is not within the core working hours, you can simply check in later or check out earlier. TimeMoto automatically counts the minus hours.

Overview of hours worked

You can get an overview of your working hours in TimeMoto.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marion.

Only for employees of TriCAT GmbH and exclusively for internal purposes.