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TimeMoto Time Recording

Please consistently book the beginning and end of your working hours as well as all breaks in TimeMoto.

At TriCAT office, please check in and out at either the first or second floor terminal with your access card. In home office, please use the TimeMoto app.

Overview of hours worked

In TimeMoto you get an overview of the hours you have worked. In the column “Duration” you can see the hours worked and in the column “Balance” you can see the hours worked too much or too little.

At the bottom of the column you will see the plus or minus hours for the period you have currently entered in TimeMoto (top row, far left).

Attention: the working time is always displayed only for the selected period (stands on the top left), as well as the plus or minus hours.

Experience vacation credit in TimeMoto

In the TimeMoto app, click on “your name” in the upper right corner, then “my profile” and on the left side “vacation balance” to see your remaining vacation days for the year.

Please note that the vacation days you have requested and entered are already counted as taken, even if you have not yet claimed them, but have only scheduled them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marion.

Only for employees of TriCAT GmbH and exclusively for internal purposes.