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Holidays and Sick days


The annual leave should be taken completely within the current year. If you want to take a few days into the new year, this is possible. However, the old vacation should be used up by 31.03. of the following year at the latest. You can check your current vacation balance in TimeMoto.

Sick Leave Report

In case of illness, please send a message immediately (if possible before 10:00 a.m.) to and your team leader (possibly also to other colleagues with whom you work that day). If possible, please also inform them about the expected duration of the illness.

Before the end of the 3rd day of illness after the beginning of the illness, please request a certificate of incapacity for work (AU) from your doctor’s office for the complete period of illness. After your visit to the doctor, inform Marion about the duration of the illness by email via She will then retrieve the certificate of incapacity for work online from the health insurance company.

Please note: If you have already been absent due to illness for a total of 6 days without an AU in the calendar year, the certificate of incapacity for work is required for all further days of illness from the first day on of illness.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marion.

Only for employees of TriCAT GmbH and exclusively for internal purposes.